Top TV Shows for Parents

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Ok, here we go again. This is a very subjective category with many differences of opinion. This list is compiled based on numerous top lists from all different kinds of people. The one criteria is that it has to be relatively clean, not a children show, and watched by parents after putting the kids to bed. The good thing about TV Shows in this category are that you can really get into a show and it will takes weeks or sometimes over a months to watch the entire series. These are not LDS TV shows but are vetted and geared towards couples that want a good show to watch after the kids are in bed. This is a Top 5 list of best tv shows, but there are many others to consider. I would consider this list of TV shows not the really well known or “Popular” Ones (ie Modern Family, The Office, etc). These are the less known TV Shows that are a great diversion from child rearing.

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Downton Abbey

The TV show that came up #1 on most lists is Downton Abbey. For the Husbands – Too proud to call it a good show? It is actually a manly show, get over it.


White Collar

Better than Blue Collar



Too Much Drama? Maybe…


Friday Night Lights

More Drama than Parenthood? Maybe..



Not enough Drama? Maybe….

Others to Consider:

Person of Interest

No comment. Haven’t Seen it. But alot of parents have and really like it.


Classic. Clean. Murder Drama. A little too much OCD for me.


Not too much bad to say about this series.

Doc Martin

Loved it and Hated it.

The Mentalist

A little mental.

The West Wing

Even better during an election season

Robin Hood

Not quite as good as the Robin Hood I watched as a kid.

Duck Dynasty

Funny and moving up the list

Once Upon a Time

Good CHICKen Flick

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