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A couple of changes as far as I can tell that will effect LDS missionary shoes.  First, as you are now able to wear lighter colored slacks, you are probably not going to want to always wear black shoes with lighter colored pants.  So, we’ve got to come up with some ideas for lighter, tan and brown dress shoes to match your pants.  Heck, they even have sandal type of shoes for “Specific Missions that allow them”

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Do you need shoes for your mission? Or, more likely, you are the mother of a future missionary looking for good, durable shoes that will last two years? Some of this depends on where you, or your son is going on his mission. It used to be that 90% of missionaries wore Doc Martins and just colored in the yellow stripe with a sharpie pen. Now, Doc Martins are no longer the best shoes for missionaries. Dansko, Ecco and Rockports are durable and comfortable. If you are going to some Eastern European and Asian countries, you may want to by slip ons, as you will be taking them off when you enter homes. If you are going to Siberia, you may want to purchase the Water Resistant Ecco Boots (See #5).

This Convert got his Missionary Shoes for Free: ‘Miracle while shopping for Mission Shoes’

You will probably want to take a shoe polishing kit also.  I took one of these and never used it.  My trainer used it everyday.  He spent more time shining his shoes than doing missionary work.  I think he was obsessed that way.  The moment we walked in, he would grab his Kiwi shoe polish and start scrubbing.  He got pretty good at using that long brush.  Back and forth like on Karate kid.

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Dansko Classic Black

Rated the #1 Missionary shoe for 2011/2012 – What about 2013?


*Mission Thought: If I had a McDonald’s Gift Certificate for every time this one MTC Teacher I had said “I would give anything to trade you shoes”……..I would be able to get a lot of double quarter pounders and bbq sauce.  I offered my shoes to him every time he said that.  (I was wearing the easy on/off #2 Ecco’s)


ECCO Slip on Black

Perfect for Missionaries that need to take shoes off to go inside


Rockport Classic Walking Shoe

Rated the most comfortable for walking

*Mission Thought:  I had the best Mission President.  He wore these Rockport Classics and loved them.  He told me to shine my shoes before I went home so as not to look all worn out.  He was a military man, but not strict like one.  Just a great person.  Made me want to be better. 


Rockport Loafers

Comfortable, Durable, Long Lasting


Ecco Black Boot

For those who will be walking through snow, mud, etc.


UGG Men’s Beacon Boots

For those who will be walking through snow, mud, etc.


Or check out the Columbia Men’s heat Snow boot.  For the price these are moving up the list pretty quickly.  They keep your feet warm and have great traction.  Probably the best value buy for a missionary boot.


*Mission Thought:  My trainer said that the harder you work the prettier your wife will be.  He must have married some ugly woman. 

Others to Consider:

Clarks – Ravel Oxford

Maybe too casual for some – Perfect for others (slightly rebellious Pre-Missionaries)

Clarks: Newmann Oxford

An almost perfect shoe

Clarks: Escalade Slip On

Perfect for some missions (The kind where you take your shoes off at every investigator appointment)

Hush Puppies Men’s Network Oxford

Comfortable (Yes), Extra Wide (yes), Inexpensive (yes), Perfect mission shoe (yes)


*Mission Thought: Many missionaries worry about Personal Worthiness.  I’m not a Bishop or anything.  I’m actually an assistant in the Webelos.  However, I will say one thing about this because it was often on my mind as a missionary.  1). You are more worthy than you think you are; 2). If you are looking around the MTC thinking you are the only one with worry on your mind, you are wrong.  So, don’t dwell on the past.  In fact, I would go so far as to say, don’t even consider looking back.  Just in making a decision to serve a mission makes you a hero in my eyes.

Dunham by New Balance Waterproof Oxford

If you are serving in the Jungles of Africa, Seattle, Portland, Atlantic Ocean, or the Black Sea, this shoe will stay dry

Guideline Updates (Shoes to wear with Slacks)

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

Serving in Helskini?

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On


*Return Mission Thought:  I think the day I came home from my mission was the most satisfying day that I can remember.  I had a permanent smile on my face for about three weeks after getting home.  I didn’t worry about ‘re-acclimating’ myself, it just came naturally.  Kirby, at the Salt Lake Tribune again gives us a fairly fun piece on Returning Missionaries.  I only make one criticism of Kirby’s piece.  He calls returning ‘to the real world.’  I would say that my Mission was about as real life as I have experienced in life.

Clarks Men’s Euclid 4 Eye Oxford

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

Serving in Helskini?

Stacy Adams Men’s Ramsey Slip-On

ECCO Men’s Seattle Apron Toe Tie Oxford

Dockers Oxford

How about a Good Missionary P-Day Shoe. You will probably be playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, hiking, walking and whatever else. You need a good pair of shoes that won’t give you any problems for two years. You also need a pair of shoes that will play well in the MTC gym. Here are a couple of good options:


Kobe’s? Blasphemy. Great durable shoe though

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Mens Shoes

Great indoor/outdoor shoe

adidas Men’s Duramo 4 M Running Shoe

Run or walk. Either way.

MTC Shower Sandals

Olukai Ohana Dark Java/Ray Flip Flop Sandal Mens

Missionary Apartment Shoes:

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

Around the APT slippers

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