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Ok, enough with the emails. I am not a sexist. Sister missionaries are the best. Loved having them in our district. They brought grace and maturity. So, you don’t have to write me anymore hate emails about how these lists I have are only geared toward men and elders. Sister missionary bags, accessories and shoes are just more difficult to come up with. They take longer and require more opinions from more people. They are coming. Calm down. I’ve repented.

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So do Sister Missionaries need Backpacks?  The New LDS Guidelines state:  “For safety and security reasons, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories should be simple and conservative. [Sisters] are encouraged to choose shoulder bags and purses that are both professional and durable: backpacks are not professional.” Read the Guidelines .  Here is the Photo that is displayed on the LDS website of Sister Missionaries wearing a shoulder bag:


Sisters in my mission wore shoulder bags, messenger bags or map bags. I think they are all basically the same thing. It is a one strap pack with room for books and other necessary missionary equipment. Here are some ideas of packs that some former sister missionaries have agreed would be good.

Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

eBags Piazza Day Bag

eBags Kalya Town Square

Baggallini Big Sydney Bag

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag


*Return Mission Thought:  I think the day I came home from my mission was the most satisfying day that I can remember.  I had a permanent smile on my face for about three weeks after getting home.  I didn’t worry about ‘re-acclimating’ myself, it just came naturally.  Kirby, at the Salt Lake Tribune again gives us a fairly fun piece on Returning Missionaries.  I only make one criticism of Kirby’s piece.  He calls returning ‘to the real world.’  I would say that my Mission was about as real life as I have experienced in life.

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Manhattan Portage Medium Europa Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole REACTION Busi-Mess Essentials Bag

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EcoCity Cotton Canvas Leather

Dakine Women’s Taylor Messenger Bag

Vera Bradley Mailbag

Ogio Brooklyn Women’s Purse

Ogio Midtown Women’s Messenger Bag

JanSport Elefunk Messenger Bag

Baggallini Sydney Bagg with Silver Hardware

Baggallini Luggage Everywhere Bag

The SAK Women’s Indio Tote

Elliott Lucca Cordoba Tote

Osprey FlapJill Courier Bag

Everest Luggage Canvas

High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag

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No Witty comments about each individual bag?  Nope, couldn’t think of any.

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