LDS Missionary Gift Ideas

Best Selling – 2017 Pocket Journal/Planner

Wee Pocket Journal

Comes with a 2017 Calendar/Planner.  Leather and High Quality.  Cheap at $14.99

Best Pocket Journal with Calendar


Wee Pocket Journal

Same as the Wee Journal above, just with a Non-Leather but high quality cover.  Very Cheap $11.99

best missionary pocket journal

5 Star Rated Products

I’ve received numerous complaints. Most of them want a list of gifts that they can give missionaries in the field. So we’ve come up with a creative list. Sending gifts for missionaries in the field is often a difficult task. It is complicated if the missionary works outside of the U.S. It is expensive. In some countries, the mail people will open the packages, take out the gifts, re-seal the package and forward it on. I will not mention names.

A Missionary leaves the MTC to the field and the only thing they miss is Root Beer.

So you want something for your missionary son or daughter for Christmas, their Birthday or one year anniversary. Good Luck.

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Homeade Root Beer Kit

Miss your Mom? TV? Girlfriend? Naps? Nope….Root Beer


Carhartt Men’s Artic Wool Heavy Boot Socks


*Mission Thought:  The Best and Worst day of every week for me on my mission was P-Day.  Going to the Internet Cafe always resulted in a range of emotions for some reason.  I was glad to hear from my family, but at the same time I was often reluctant in what I emailed them.  I got to the point later on in my mission when I hadn’t written my parents in over a  month.  They eventually became worried and called my Mission President.  At the time I was in the office as the financial secretary.  My Mission President came to my office and said “Your parents are on the phone, do you want to talk to them?”  No thanks, I replied.  (p.s. I have a good relationship with my parents)


Hand Warmers

What? Are you assuming every missionary is in Siberia?


KIND Nuts & Spices Bars

Be Kind: Mid Day All Natural Energy Bars



I can Confirm after getting one of these as a gift.  IT IS AWESOME.  Seriously.  Great gift.


Casio Men’s Forester Sports Thermometer Watch

Tells Time and Temperature. So your missionary can confirm that it is freezing cold or burning hot.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Hidden Pocket

James Bond your Money

Others to Consider:

Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz

For your clothes. Not your face.

Pocket Journal

Wish I had one of these on my mission. Good Note Taker.

Stephen’s Gourmet Candycane Hot Cocoa

Wish I had one of these on my mission.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie Mix

Wish I had one of these on my mission.

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

Around the APT slippers

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