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So you got called on a mission? And you still haven’t graduated High School? Dang, times have changed. Maybe your son/daughter hasn’t graduated high school yet and is anticipating a mission. Need some good mission prep materials to get him/her informed, motivated, prepared and ready to spend some time away from home? Well, here you go. Personally, I never got into mission preparation materials or other self help missionary books. Probably should have, but didn’t. Some missionaries read the stuff on their mission and it often just discouraged them after finding out all the things that effective missionaries should be doing but they aren’t doing. It is far better to be prepared before you go. Here are some helpful gift ideas or ideas for your self to give you a jump start on your own mission preparation.

*Caveat – I think reading the Book of Mormon is the best mission preparation and mission motivation while on your mission. However, there are some other very worthwhile materials here to comb through. This list has come from returned missionaries and future missionaries. This is not a substitute for materials recommended by the LDS Church or your mission president.

You will be given guidance on what books you can read while on your mission. Frankly, there is no time or use in reading much other than the scriptures, Preach my Gospel, language help books and other approved study material from your mission president. We were told in the MTC that the best language study book is the Book of Mormon in your foreign language. I agree. I had one companion that read the Book of Mormon in our language every second he had. Even while we walked from apt to apt. He was my favorite companion and spoke like a champ.

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What I Wish I’d Known Before My Mission

The only mission prep book that I read before my mission


How to Win Friends and Influence People

Recommended by one mission president as a must read for all his incoming missionaries


Raising Ourselves to the Bar

No Comment.


Preach My Gospel study guide

OK. This should be #1


Prepare with Honor

Never read it. It has a nice cover though.

Others to Consider:

In the Eye of the Storm

Now they have changed the title to correspond with the movie. Great book, highly motivating. Movie is mediocre at best.

All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned On My Mission

Jesus the Christ

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