Gift Ideas for Mother in Law

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Is it harder to find a gift for your mother in law than it is for your mother? Beats me. I’ve never given a gift to my mother in law or mother. Just love ;}. I usually just sign the card and my wife finds the gift. I do know that there is a lot of grumbling and confusion that goes into finding a gift for a mother in law. A mother in law deserves the world, but that is too expensive. My research and polls indicate that gifts given to mother in laws are different than to one’s mother. Why is that? (Please don’t respond with an email to that question. I receive enough hate emails as it is). I actually think that this list that we have compiled is just as good for Mothers as it is for Mothers in law. These mother in law gift ideas are for Christmas, mothers day, Fathers Day (Why not?), Birthdays, anniversaries and veterans day (again, why not)? My guess is, and this is just a guess, based on the amount of emails that I’ve received already, is that you have better gift ideas and this list sucks. Well, our polls show and the reviews prove that these are the best mother in law gift ideas in the world.

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Eureka Handheld Vacuum

Isn’t this on one of Our other lists?


Epson Photo Scanner to Digital

Every Mom in Law uses Facebook. And every Mom in law likes to post High School Cheer leading Photos. This will allow them to do that.


IPAD 3 Cover

So she can cover up her facebook stalking when the Grandkids are around


Jiffer Steamer

Woah.  That’s a tall one.


Pet Storage Vault

Does your mother in law have cats? Dogs? Does her house stink with pet food? Buy this.

Others to Consider:

Medi-Rub Foot Massager

My Mom used this and said it should be #1

Purple Dendrobium Orchids

This list keeps getting more boring.

Monster Slippers

There we go. Spiced it back up.

TV Tray Stands

Women hate these. Your Father in law will like it though.

Willow Tree Nativity Sets

Reverence. No Comment.

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop


Ipevo PadPillow Pillow Stand

No comment but Cool

Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Please don’t buy a bucket to go with it. This is not food. It’s a pillow. Offensive.

Altoids Smalls Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints

Stocking Stuffing. I think they are only found on Amazon. Or whatever.

Belgian Chocolate Chips

Chips Made of Chocolate? YES! (Favorite snack by the way)

Double Belgian-Waffle Maker

Make her Kitchen a Restaurant

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow

Good one.

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