Christmas Wish List 2014

*Special Thanks to Jake the Snake for coming back

2014 Christmas Gift Wish Lists

33 Year Old Male with 3 Kids – Jake the Snake from Ohio

Hello again.  Thank you for listening to me last year. It was the best therapy session that I’ve had.  It was cheap and fulfilling.  That is why I have written my Christmas List again this year to  Life is often a struggle for me.  I am a husband and a father.  I have a job I hate.  I am generally filled with negativity, guilt, boredom, impatience, regret, anger and hate.  Submitting a Christmas list is one of the few things I look forward to.

These are the gifts that I want this year.  Last year I got the Red Robin seasoning from my list:

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (POP UP TENT)

Yes.  I want to get away.  I don’t love camping, but I love to be alone.  I don’t love working and I’m not great at setting up a tent.  If I can just get one of these POP UP tents, that would be great.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (Podcast Equipment)

I don’t like talking, but I want podcast equipment and I want to start my own podcast.  I will call it “Living with an Introvert” or “I hate myself” or “I wish I had a new job” or “Joy to the Nothing”

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (BOSE Mini Bluetooth Speaker)

Last year I asked for headphones.  I didn’t get them.  I have an IPHONE 4.  I just need something to drown out the noise.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (Electrric Guitar)

Maybe I’ll take up Electric Guitar. My Dad always said I was a few notes off tune.


Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (The Worlds Best Curry)

I don’t have money to travel.  But I am hoping that I can afford the best yellow curry in the world.


Merry Christmas!

*Note from Gifts for Mormons Admin.  Thank you again Jake the Snake for your honest evaluation of life.  We wish you a Merry Christmas, if that is possible, and hope you will return next year.

Anastasia 35 Year Old Female – 2 Kids one on the way

1). I don’t necessarily know if this is the best brand but looking for electric and easy storage.  Looks like this:

Click Here to See Price at Bed Bath and Beyond

2). I need a colander but don’t know if this is a great deal.  I saw some at TJ Max that looked nice and cheaper.
3). A good salad spinner would be nice, I like OXO Kitchen Products:
4). A good meat thermometer
5).  100% want this.  Bye Bye to gravy with too much fat.
6). For real (Potato Masher)
7).  Fo Shore
8).  Livin’ the dream
9). Can you believe I don’t have this?
Try a Men’s razor for shaving legs.  The hair is gone for almost 1 week.
That should do er.
*Note from Gifts for Mormons Admin.  Thank you Anastasia for providing the links.  That saved us some time.  By the way, are you a wannabe Gangster?


bean 29 Year Old Male – Bob Deng




1) Nike Golf wedge 60 degree

2) Golf chipping net 

3) Citadels card game 

4) Remote control squirt gun car 


*Note to BOB – Are You SURE that you are 29?  Maybe 9?

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