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Even with the recent updated Grooming Guidelines, Missionaries are still required to wear white shirts (sorry blue shirt people). So, there are many different kinds of white shirts that a missionary can buy.  The important thing that guidelines say is that the shirts are made of a fabric that does not wrinkle easily.  Short sleeves are obviously in according to the photos on the guidelines page.


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I took a few packs of Van Heusen White shirts on my mission.  They lasted great, were wrinkle free.  I don’t remember any problems other than the collar would lose its white collar from sweat.  You may want to bring a shout cleaner brush to rub on the collar before you put it into the washing machine.

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Van Heusen Men’s Regular Fit

*Mission Thought: I had a companion that was rich.  There was no doubt about it by the way that he talked, acted and dressed.  He wasn’t too snotty, we go along fine.  However, he always wore wrinkly white shirts.  I couldn’t figure out why he did.  I knew that his parents could afford nice shirts.  I started calling him Wrinkle Plus.  He didn’t love the nickname but didn’t hate it either.  I asked him about his shirts and he said that his mother purchased designer shirts for him so that they would hold up on the mission.  I think the morale of the story is to buy inexpensive wrinkle free white shirts for your mission.

Van Heusen Men’s Fitted Poplin Dress Shirt

Van Heusen Mens Short Sleeve

For Van Heusen White Shirts you may also like the Men’s Tall (Stays tucked in better than regular length).

EAGLE Non Iron Long Sleeve Dress Shirt


Kenneth Cole Spread Collar

Tommy Hilfiger Poplin Dress Shirt

Arrow Men’s Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve

My Favorite White Shirts along with Van Huesen.  The material is thin and some don’t like that.  I like it because it keeps you cool

Amanti Dress Shirt

Kenneth Cole Reaction Spread Collar

IZOD Twill Dress Shirt

63% cotton/37% polyester

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