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  Missionaries can wear slacks Now?  That is great.  Wish I could have worn slacks.  Not complaining too much, but that is cool.  There are some light colored slacks that they have approved on the guidelines.  Check for Yourself:  

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Don’t think I can rank slacks.  Just going to list some slacks that sell on Amazon and that are now qualified as LDS missionary slacks. What you’re looking for in a pair of LDS slacks is 1). Comfort, 2). Durability, 3). Looks, 4). Price .  Mission pants take a serious beating.  No question about it.  We have cycled through the available slacks on Amazon and come up with this list that appear to be professional, strong, sometimes iron free, comfortable and at a decent price.  Maybe not a perfect list for everyone, but we are improving it.  If you have ideas, please comment Google+

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Dockers Men’s Signature Khaki

Haggar Expandable Waist Plain Front Pant

Haggar Expandable Waist Pleat

*Mission pants Thought: You may consider buying a small sewing kit to mend pants.  Did it all the time on my mission.  

Haggar Expandable Waist Plain Front Pant


Dockers Men’s Never Iron

You may not even have access to an iron.  Good choice here.

Savane Flat-Front Deep-Dye Twill Pant

Kenneth Cole Slim Fit Flat Front Dress Pant

Kenneth Cole Modern Flat-Front Dress Pant

Van Heusen Men’s Chevron Flat Front Pant

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