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This is an addendum to the LDS Missionary Music Player Post

I am not a huge music guy.  Never have been and maybe never will be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with people that get excited or relaxed listening to music.  After my mission I got some big speakers and put them in the back of my parents’ Oldsmobile that they let me have just to be cool.  Believe me, I wasn’t cool.  But I had a loud Grandpa car that people thought was funny.  After it burned out, I kept the speakers and they are still sitting in my garage.  Maybe my kids will use them in the future.

So, I don’t really know what you’re allowed to listen to on your mission and what you’re not allowed to listen to.  It’s basically impossible to say, because it varies so widely from mission to mission.  I’ve heard some returned missionaries say that they were only allowed to listen to MOTAB.  On my mission, my companions listened to a lot of Enya.  It seems that she was popular.  I never got into that but most of my companions did.

So, when you send your emails asking what kind of music to take, my answer always will be I don’t know.  You’re always safe with MOTAB.  All kinds of Christmas music was safe in our mission, but may not be in yours.  You’ll figure it out, don’t worry.

I liked to listen to classical music on my mission.  I had never listened to it before my mission, but it relaxed me on my mission.  Missions become stressful and a little music at night was nice…….

So this list is just some suggestions.  You might hate this music.

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The Piano Guys

Turning Classical Music into Awesome music. I can only assume that piano playing music is ok on your mission. There are no lyrics. It’s just some guys playing some nice music on the piano.

Hymns Without Words

The MOTAB is great, but sometimes it is nice to just listen to the music without the words. This is actually nice missionary apartment background music.

Essential Missionary Collection

Wow – Marketed for Missionaries for sure. I’ve never listened to it though. Try it out at Itunes and see what you think

Grateful Praise

A Mormon Boy Band singing Hymns? That has got to be allowed…..

Vocal Point: Lead Thou Me On

Like Vocal Point. Nothing dumb to say. I’ll probably get this too.

Day of Rest

Jericho Road? I think I’ve heard of them. Is that a pre-teen Mormon girl band? If it is, you might want to skip this option so you don’t get made fun of.

Called to Serve:

MOTAB at its finest. I think.

Then Sings My Soul

MOTAB at its 2nd Finest?

Hims II

I would have gone with Hims and Hers

Variations on a Sacred Theme

LDS Missionary Music Players

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Click Here for a Discussion of LDS Missionary Music

I would call it the #1 question that I have been emailed. What music can I listen to on my mission? And, What music player can I take on my mission? These are questions with constantly changing answers. When I was on my mission over 12 years ago, we used cd players with built in speakers. They were approved for our mission, by our mission president. At first, we were only allowed to listen to Church music. However, I remember that about halfway through my mission, word came out that we could now listen to ‘uplifting’ music that was ‘appropriate’ as well as Church music. My Mission President did not have any additions to that rule. We were allowed to decide what was ‘uplifting’ as well as ‘appropriate’ mission music. Missionaries varied on what they considered uplifting. I would say that most tried to listen to Church music, classical music, Enya type music and other Spiritually uplifting melodies.

Christmas music was always allowed. One companion listened to it during the summer. He was homesick the day he left his mother’s womb.

So, you will really need to check with the appropriate people before taking any music with you to the MTC or your mission. Here is a list of some Music players that are convenient to pack around and use as portable quality players.

One more thing. We were NEVER allowed to listen to music with headphones. It seems like a good rule. Keeps open communication between your companion without isolating yourself.

Can I take an IPod with Speakers on my mission? Good question. Ask your Mission President

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Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

Good Option. Not as Good as Apple Products

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Load this thing with MOTAB, send it to missionary

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