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If you are going to Russia or any place with a colder environment, you will need to bring coats, sweaters and jackets. You will find that wearing layers is better. Every time you enter an investigators home you will take off your coat, scarf, hat and possibly shoes. You may still have on a sweater and suit coat jacket and you will find how unbearably it can go from freezing cold to burning hot in the matter of minutes.

New Church Guidelines have been released on Outer layers (Coats, etcs). The Guidelines say:

Coats, jackets, and sweaters should be in solid, conservative colors and be business professional in appearance. To stay dry and warm during regular proselyting activities, you may layer a sweater, suit coat, winter coat, or rainwear over your white shirt and tie. See examples below.

During activities that require you to dress your best, you may layer an overcoat over your suit coat. See examples below.

When I was doing this stuff, many missionaries thought it cool to buy a coat from the flea markets of Siberia. They would buy a matching coat and hat, take a picture, send it home and tell their parents “Hey look how cultured I am now that I am here.” Than they would take off the coat and put it in the bottom of their suitcase and go back to wearing their american stuff. Here are some starting ideas for LDS Missionary coats, jackets and overcoats. NO rankings on these ones. These are ideas and it depends on your style.

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