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Geez. It is no secret that Mormons are big into food storage. Makes sense. If the lights go out in America, how are you going to feed your kids. What? I have a million kids at home and all they like to eat is rice crispy treats. I think rice crispy treats only last a day or two though. So, we have compiled a nice list of some good food storage ideas. Before you send me a bunch of emails telling me that this is a crappy list and there is so much better stuff out there, I would say thank you for the thought, I hear your voice before you even push send. You are probably right and I may very well be wrong. But this list was compiled with a lot of thought and ideas from many Mormon families with Many Mormon kids. So, if you are looking for a nice gift for a family to start their food storage, this is a good list to start with. If you are a professional food storage man with a bunker and cave, than you probably know more than us. Good Luck!

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Outdoor Propane Burner/Oven

Because noone likes cold wheat kernels with powdered milk and tablet treated water


Chef’s Banquet ARK 1 Month Food Storage Supply

Taste’s Great! Yeah right….


Portable Water Treatment Tablets

Either buy these or Adult Diapers – Your Choice


Shelf Reliance Harvest Rotation System

Food Storage Beast


Emergency Survival Serving Entree


Others to Consider:

Hand Operated Grain Mill

So you don’t want the exercise? Eat the whole grain kernels then.

Stove in a Can

No Comment.

Augason Farms Food Storage One Year Kit

And, No Comment.

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