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Ok. Here it goes, a list that we have compiled of the best family movies. You know, the kind that are entertaining enough for the parents to enjoy watching, but are still somewhat educational, clean and uplifting for the kids. These are the kind of movies that won’t make anyone nervous. NOW, I must say this. These are not the best movies on the market or by any means the most entertaining or memorable. These are the best Sunday Night family movies when the children and parents are looking for some cheap and easy family time. These are not the sometimes Boring old school family movies. These will at least give the parents a break, the kids will be involved, and maybe the parents can open the laptop, turn on the I-Pad or enjoy some nap time.

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Swiss Family Robinson

Did you ever dream as a boy of living on an island in a tree? Well I did….


The Lion King

Already own it?  Of course you do.



Should this be higher on the List? Yes, probably. But my 4 year old son says “Anything but Tangled.”



Good show to watch once. Tough to watch twice.



Best Movie

Others to Consider:

The Princess Bride

Um..Not my favorite. But a WHOLE LOT of Family’s favorite

That Thing you Do

What? Chick Flick?

Toy Story 3

Best Toy Story Movie


No comment.

Ice Age

No comment.


North by Northwest

No comment.

You Can’t Take it With You

No comment.


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