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Christmas 2014 Best Christmas Gifts

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I won’t be going to the mall this year.  Too much risk of slipping and falling and injuring myself.  Instead, I will be doing all of my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my own home.  99% of my shopping will be done on because of their selection/prices/customer service and reviews.  We have come up with a list of what we believe will be the some of the Hottest Christmas Gifts for 2014. (As submitted by you)

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Christmas 2014: 

Portable Charger

First time I’ve seen one of these. I’m in love and will ask this portable phone/tablet charger to marry me once I get it home for Christmas.

Portable Speaker

Everyone needs a portable speaker.  Think of it.  You are on your way to work and pass by an empty park basketball court.  What do you do?  Pull out your phone and portable speaker, turn on “I believe I can Fly” and pretend that you are Michael Jordan.

Lucky Women’s Asherr Moccasin

I have nothing to say about these.  My wife wants them for Christmas.  I’m going to look at Goodwill for some used ones.

Worlds Best Yellow Curry

Trust me.  If you like curry and Thai Food.  This is the best Yellow Curry on the markets.  Our local Thai food store, with the best reviews in the city, uses THIS CURRY.  I asked them one time.

Blade Sharpener for Men and Women

I spend more money on blades for razors to shave than I do on Piano lessons for the Kids.

KidCo Peapod – Sunshine

Apparently, if you have kids, this portable crib is nice.  Take it with you to the inlaws at the Holidays and when things get really awkward, just pull it out, squeeze into it and zip it up.  Put your fingers in your ears and say ‘lalalala’ and go to your happy place away from your inlaws.

Blank Flip Books

Kids love these. Great way to keep kids quiet while at home, on an airplane, at Church, in the car…..

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

TOP RATED Vegetable and Fruit Slicer.  I’d be peeling potatoes for french fries, everyday.

Smack It Family Game

When I look for games to play with my young kids, I consider the following: 1). Ease of use; 2). Can it be enjoyed by all ages; 3).  Is it hard to take out, set up and put away; 4). Can the kids compete; 5). Will Mom play with us.  In a family like ours, where games are played literally everyday (before and after work), it is important to find perfect family games.

Bicycle Storage

Out of Room in Your Garage? Kids tripping? Aren’t strong enough to hang your bike on a wall hook?

Scotch Thermal Laminator 2

*Wife Suggestion

M2 High Potency Skin Refresh

*Wife Suggestion. She wants this for her Christmas Stocking



*Special Thanks to Jake the Snake for coming back

2014 Christmas Gift Wish Lists

33 Year Old Male with 3 Kids – Jake the Snake from Ohio

Hello again.  Thank you for listening to me last year. It was the best therapy session that I’ve had.  It was cheap and fulfilling.  That is why I have written my Christmas List again this year to  Life is often a struggle for me.  I am a husband and a father.  I have a job I hate.  I am generally filled with negativity, guilt, boredom, impatience, regret, anger and hate.  Submitting a Christmas list is one of the few things I look forward to.

These are the gifts that I want this year.  Last year I got the Red Robin seasoning from my list:

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (POP UP TENT)

Yes.  I want to get away.  I don’t love camping, but I love to be alone.  I don’t love working and I’m not great at setting up a tent.  If I can just get one of these POP UP tents, that would be great.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (Podcast Equipment)

I don’t like talking, but I want podcast equipment and I want to start my own podcast.  I will call it “Living with an Introvert” or “I hate myself” or “I wish I had a new job” or “Joy to the Nothing”

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (BOSE Mini Bluetooth Speaker)

Last year I asked for headphones.  I didn’t get them.  I have an IPHONE 4.  I just need something to drown out the noise.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (Electrric Guitar)

Maybe I’ll take up Electric Guitar. My Dad always said I was a few notes off tune.


Click Here to See the Price on Amazon (The Worlds Best Curry)

I don’t have money to travel.  But I am hoping that I can afford the best yellow curry in the world.


Merry Christmas!

*Note from Gifts for Mormons Admin.  Thank you again Jake the Snake for your honest evaluation of life.  We wish you a Merry Christmas, if that is possible, and hope you will return next year.

Anastasia 35 Year Old Female – 2 Kids one on the way

1). I don’t necessarily know if this is the best brand but looking for electric and easy storage.  Looks like this:

Click Here to See Price at Bed Bath and Beyond

2). I need a colander but don’t know if this is a great deal.  I saw some at TJ Max that looked nice and cheaper.
3). A good salad spinner would be nice, I like OXO Kitchen Products:
4). A good meat thermometer
5).  100% want this.  Bye Bye to gravy with too much fat.
6). For real (Potato Masher)
7).  Fo Shore
8).  Livin’ the dream
9). Can you believe I don’t have this?
Try a Men’s razor for shaving legs.  The hair is gone for almost 1 week.
That should do er.
*Note from Gifts for Mormons Admin.  Thank you Anastasia for providing the links.  That saved us some time.  By the way, are you a wannabe Gangster?


bean 29 Year Old Male – Bob Deng




1) Nike Golf wedge 60 degree

2) Golf chipping net 

3) Citadels card game 

4) Remote control squirt gun car 


*Note to BOB – Are You SURE that you are 29?  Maybe 9?

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2013 Christmas Gift Wish Lists

Christmas Wish Lists from you:

32 Year Old Male – Jake the Snake from Ohio

(Interests: My hobbies include going to work and coming back home to a house full of kids and a wife that is exhausted of the kids.  My hobbies also include getting the three boys under 7 ready for Church every weekend, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, fixing the broken down cars and trying to remain as positive as I can.  Indeed you may say that I am feeling a little negative at Christmas and this list that I provide is just a wish list.  I can’t afford one thing on here).

*Note – Thank you for the wish list Jake the Snake. That was one of the most honest things I’ve read.  I hope someone will pitch in and buy you one of your wishlist presents.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

So shoot me.  I want a nice computer for Christmas.  The 2004 HP Desktop that we have only works every once in a while and is sticky with the kids dirty food hands that have touched every inch of it.  It would be nice to have it boot up within 10 minutes after turning it on.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Yes, a Giftcard for Books.  I don’t want you to buy me the books.  I want to allocate a certain amount of my day or night to research which books I would like to buy.  $100 would be great.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Some Noise cancelling headphones please Santa.  I don’t even need music to go with it.  Just some noise cancelling headphones.  I don’t even need an audio player.  Just some noise cancelling headphones would be just perfect.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Not that I love to cook.  Just that I would love to have a smoker.


Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Red Robin Seasoning.  Quite possibly and more likely than not the only gift on my list that I will actually get.


Merry Christmas!

24 Year Old Female – NEWLY MARRIED!  YEA!  OMGoodness!

(Interests: My hobbies include shopping for shoes and looking at blogs.  I LOVE Home Fashion blogs because I Dream of the day that my Hunky Hubby will be able to put me into my very own mansion.  So, I scrap all of the BEST Home Ideas and have a notebook labeled MY DREAM.  I don’t have any Kids Yet, but I LOVE Them to Death.  I could just have six or seven of them!  I love Mom, she is my Best Friend!).

*Note – Thank you for the enthusiasm.  I wish your husband the best!

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

UGG Boots are so Popular!  I Love them.  I want a pair in three colors.


Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Bob’s Sketcher Slippers.  I can just sit in front of the fire with my slippers on drinking hot chocolate and looking at my wedding photos all day long!

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Victoria Secrets Bombshell Perfume.  My Husband thinks I smell sexy, so I just wanted to let everyone know what I wear.  It’s not Like on my Christmas wish list, because I already have a bottle.  So Blessed to have rich parents!

21 Year Old Female – Brittany from North Carolina

(Interests: My hobbies are reading novels, writing, listening to music, and playing addictive games, and eating my favorite treats. My talents are writing, sign language, and good with children. My goals are to get my license, go to college, and visit family who are far away. My plans are to go to driving school and college, build myself a great future.)

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

This Christmas gift wisher, listed “Snow” as her #1 choice. Of course I assume that she means she wants to wake up to snow on Christmas. Unfortunately, Brittany lives in North Carolina and the odds of snow are 0%. So I did the next best thing. I put “snow” in the Amazon search and came up with some snow that she can make herself.

Click Here to see the Price on Amazon

Brittany’s next Christmas gift wish is a “White Nook with Glow Light.” I am personally unfamiliar with nooks. I have a kindle and an Ipad. I’m sure Nooks are fine. So here you are Brittany, a nook from Santa.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Brittany would like “gift cards for books”. I consider that a very thoughtful wish. I might also want that for a Christmas present. One problem with getting a gift card instead of the book is that you have to wait for your book. The good thing is that you have some free money to shop with after Christmas. Good choice Brittany. Her last wish has me stumped….

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Brittany’s final wish on her Christmas list is “Winter Clothes.” Wow. Tough one for me. I’m a male and I don’t have good taste in women’s fashion or clothes. My wife tells me that almost twice a day. So, again I am very limited on the advice I can provide to Brittany for this wish. I do know that my wife likes winter coats. So, the coat that I put on here for Brittany is a winter coat and it is not that expensive. It also get good reviews on Amazon.

Thank you for your wish list Brittany and Merry Christmas!

11 Year Old Female – Julia from Washington

(Interests: I like soccer and dance.  My Mom forces me to play piano.  I like to go snow skiing, water skiing and boating and hang out with my friends and cousins.)

Click Here to see the Price on Amazon

Julia!  Thank you for submitting your Christmas wish list.   I hope you got your parent’s permission!  Julia’s first Wish is for a purple leap frog ultra so that she can have something to play on her long family car rides to the cabin and lake.  She wants it to be purple, so that her brothers won’t want to play it.

Click Here to see the Price on Amazon

Julia also wants a Kindle Fire, because a leap frog ultra is just not good enough.  I think she may be asking for a little much.  But, what do I know?

Click Here to see the Price on Amazon

Julia says she wants a snow cone machine, “one of those good ones”, not the junky kind.  So, I got onto amazon and found one that has close to 5 stars.  The best part of a snow cone is the last couple of drinks.

33 Year Old Female – With Two Boys and a Husband

(Interests: Playing with my family, Cooking, reading, boating, vacationing)

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball for my son.  If your son is too old to play with his younger brothers/sisters and if his Dad is too busy or lazy, than you can get this reasonably priced automated pitching machine.  Highly reviewed on Amazon.

Click Here to see the Price on Amazon

Rubber Mini ball with good grips. Good for kids and for adults that lower their rim to about 8.5 feet and like to feel like they can dunk a basketball.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Little tikes easy store table so you can have all of your kids and their friends eat outside while you and your spouse enjoy about 2 minutes of quiet time at the dining table.

Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

Fisher Price I can Play Basketball because every child should be able to spend at least a part of their life dreaming about playing in the NBA or WNBA or Local Rec league.

Click here to See the Price on Amazon

A baby diaper bag and Mary Poppins purse all in one.


Click Here to See the Price on Amazon

The Samsonite Hardside Golf Travel Case is the most sturdy and deluxe golf traveling case in the World. That is a strong statement. Price doesn’t matter, because if you can afford to golf and travel at the same time, than you can afford this traveling case. Your clubs will never get damaged.

Click here for the price on Amazon

I’m going to go with a no comment on this Christmas Gift. If my wife gave this to me, it may actually be read. I would cycle it through the other 80’s books that I have in my toilet book shelf. I do like this guy’s hair though. Shaggy.


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