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It is no secret that LDS Missionaries wake up early. It is early to alot of people, and not others. Heck, some farmers wake up at 4:00am. Some video gamers don’t wake up until the afternoon. When I was a missionary 10 years ago we were asked to wake up at 6:30am. That was the guidance given. The LDS Missionary Wikipedia page says that missionaries still need to wake up at 6:30. Wikipedia LDS Missionaries

However, I have heard that Missionaries now wake up between 6:30 – 7:00 and are allowed time for exercise. I don’t have the answer for that. Check your manuals.

We all woke up on time in the MTC. We all had good alarm clocks that worked perfectly. When I got my first companion in the field, my ‘trainer’ I was confused after I woke up on time but he kept sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping. He even slept through my shower and study time. What a lazy, fat blob. He said his alarm clock didn’t work. Most of my companions woke up on time, but one or two didn’t even try to.

You’ll need a good alarm clock. One that wakes you up, but isn’t so annoying that it puts you in a bad mood. Here are a few good alarm clocks for LDS missionaries:

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RCA Alarm Clock

Simple. Packs Easily


Advance Time Technology LED 6-Inch Alarm Clock

Green for Greenies


Magnasonic Projection Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

Projects onto the ceiling


Advance Time Technology

Easy hit snooze button. ;}


Casio Travel Alarm Clock with Thermometer

My Choice for the #1 Choice


Elgin Electric Alarm Clock with Selectable Display Color

Pretty Crappy…..That’s why it’s #6


Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock

Folding Alarm Clock = Luggage Space Saver


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